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    Me doing the Inclinator

    On July 11th 2020 the Inclinator take 3! This the third year for this event and also my third attempt. The first two years it kicked my butt. Last year I was literally hauled off in an ambulance (story for another time).
    The stairs in the photo above are in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are 145 to the top. Therefore one trip up then back down is considered 1 flight. 36 flights is the equivalent of doing the actual Inclinator at Pike’s Peak in Colorado.
    36 flights (The Inclinator) was the goal in 2018. Last year they’ve added another goal level of 50 flights (The Punisher) for those that thought 36 was too easy. This year…yikes! Coach Dan has raised the bar once again to 75 flights for the dang show offs.

    It’s a tough event if you’re not a normal stair workout person such as myself. 22 flights my first year and 13 last year before I was hauled off.
    They also have a chart with tall towers to show you the equivalent height you’ve climbed such as 10 flights = the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

    Click on the photo of me on the stairs at the top to check out the actual events page.

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